Fabio Iotti
Analyst Programmer

SandBox Wars 2D is a third person shooter set in the desert, the map is endless in all directions. Build your base and assault other players, or kill as many people as possible and use their money to buy powerful weapons!

We began to study Java at school, it's then that I decided to try and make a videogame in this language as well. Java immediately felt way better than C or C++, I learnt to use sockets and wrote SandBox Wars 2D: my first Java game.

The stable version doesn't include buildings. Beta version might crash when a client disconnects improperly, but includes many advanced features, including a YAML configuration system that allows, among other things, to define custom weapons, custom buildings/structures and custom bullet types. Beta version also allows to save and load maps and to persist game states between sessions.

I wanted to also include vehicles, but abandoned the project before.

Latest stable Windows version: Download

Latest Windows version: Download