Fabio Iotti
Analyst Programmer

Warning: do not install this software before reading this whole page, this software might damage your computer if used improperly!

This tool allows to install any software on your pendrive... You might for instance install your favourite videogame or chat application...

All installed programs will not modify the host computer, you can thus use them at school or at your workplace without anyone noticing.

Any program that doesn't require administrator rights to be executed should work, all average-user programs should thus work.

Requires an empty pendrive with a minimum size of 512MB, works on all Windows editions since XP.

To portabilize a program you should install it while at home, it should then work anywhere (Run PAPF, click "Run potrable..." and select program installer).

How to install

  1. Download http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/confirmation.aspx?id=17657 and install.
    (linkd.exe would be enough, but I couldn't find standalone download)
  2. Download and launch PAPF_v03, follow instructions.
  3. You can now uninstall the software from step 1.

I made this software to carry my development tools everywhere, I used it a lot on my high school final years.
Disclaimer: I actually didn't develop anything, I only grouped and adapted a set of tools and applications to behave as I wanted, but I have written no code.

Latest Windows version: Download