Fabio Iotti
Analyst Programmer

Reach the top of the tower without falling, contains obstacles such as invisible walls, bumpers, lifts and conveyors; there is only one level in this game.

This is the first graphical game I ever made, the idea is simple, but the game is stable (doesn't contain any obvious bug).

I didn't have a clue what programming could be and I never even thought I could make videogames. I used to buy a monthly computer magazine with softwares CD attached, probably designed for people lacking an internet connection like me. An issue of this magazine contained a software called Blender, this magazine proposed it as a software to "make 3D models and videogames". I had difficulties at the beginning, as Blender required a three-buttons mouse, which I didn't have. A few years later I found that CD again, I could the finally use Blender; I tried it and understood it's working. Blender is not just a powerful modeling tool, but an open-source Game Engine as well. Open Lab is my first graphical interactive product, after some DHTML pages.

Latest Windows version: Download