Fabio Iotti
Analyst Programmer

This is the content of the projects page.

Project NameDescriptionTools UsedTarget PlatformsDateState
OpenLabThis is my first graphical videogame ever, built with Blender logic-bricks at the age of 14.
3D Spheres DefenceOne of my first games, made with Blender at the age of 15.
3D Tower DefenceAnother game I made when I was a kid with Blender, this project was never completed.
Fabiogiopla AssaulterThe first game I made where I interacted with Python code, no code written from scratch but copyed and adapted.
Green AvoidThe first Flash game I ever published, written from scratch in ActionScript 2 at the age of 16.
Vector WarsSecond Flash game I published, written in ActionScript 3 at the age of 16.
Space KillerMy first HTML5 project, written from scratch, this is not a complete game.
SandBox Wars 2DAfter beginning to learn Java at school, this is my first playable Java game.
SandBox Wars 2D (variant 2)An attempt to mimic Minecraft/Terraria I have written while learning to code in Java.
Quick ExplorerResource browser implemented in Java for the school.
SandBox Wars 3DThis is the project of my life, the videogame I always wanted to write but I never find time to.
Quick StreamI have written this software to watch unfinished download movies.
Elements Real DefenseSchool project written in Java, models made with Blender.
FGGEMy attempt to make a game engine in JavaScript, includes a GUI system and works on smartphones.
Portable Apps Portable PlatformAllows to carry applications and settings between computers.